Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Part 2A and B

Dear Superintendent of My Dream School,

I am writing to you in regards to my proposition of beginning a golf unit in our physical education curriculum. A great deal of time, thought and research has gone into planning out the unit. I believe, as well as the rest of the physical education staff, that golf will be one of the most beneficial activities the students will participate in for the upcoming year.

Golf uses skills that enhance student’s cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning. Throughout the unit, students will be able to learn and apply strategies of golf inside and outside the classroom. Students will also be able to make connections to other subjects, such as angles in math while performing different strokes or putting on a green. This sport is not just a one-person activity, but can be done with partners or ever groups of 3 or more. I believe this encouragement of socialization will help better students, creating new friendships.

During this unit, students will be tracking their heart-rate and steps through the use of heart rate monitors and pedometers already owned by the school. This data will help the PE staff to track and record the physical activity the students participate in during class.

Equipment for the unit can be very pricey. I have found solutions to this matter however. I have put together a variety of fundraisers and have carefully budgeted the rest of the PE department’s money to help off-sett the cost of the golf clubs and golf balls. Also, I have researched a new video game known as Wii Golf. This is a game, which can be used by the students in the gym as well as in their own homes. Introducing this video game would help increase the curiosity and the motivation the students will have for participating more in the unit. This Wii console can also be used in other fitness games, which the company has come out with that can be used in our program as well.

I hope after much consideration you will allow a unit in golf to join our program here. Its physical, mental and social components can greatly improve the student’s overall performance in the gym, classroom and outside of school.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Christie Wright

Physical Education Department

Final Part 1A & B

1. The website is from is located in North America in Canada. CBC is a TV and radio news show. This story take place in Saskatoon.

2.This piece was very interesting to me. Having students active before even starting their days lessons is an excellent way to start of the day. One part of the news story, which I found the most interesting, was the part explaining the BDNF and it’s purpose in the brain. If physical education teachers can work together with the student’s regular teachers in maintaining a high level of activity throughout the day, I can see a beneficial change to the way students learn.

3.The PE teacher was not mentioned during this experiment. This is because the studies done for the experiment were in the classroom and not the gym. In the clip there was a section talking about students not participating in gym or barely participating. By taking pre-tests of student’s current fitness levels and making a plan with how to increase the student’s overall activity, I will be able to ensure my program is beneficial. Also, including parents of the students to help out with out of classroom fitness exercises and educating them on the importance of physical activity will also help benefit my PE program.

4.The teacher in the article tested the students before they started the experiment. Later, when tested again, the test showed on average each student moved up a full grade level in reading, writing and in math. I was not surprised at all from the findings. During my time at the CHAMP mentoring young students, we encouraged them during “homework time” to stand up and do a problem or do a quick exercise to get their blood and body pumping. This helped the students become more focused and finish their work. I think these outcomes are similar to our NYS PE Standards. Throughout the experiment, the students were in a safe and healthy environment. Also, students were able to learn how to use the equipment and technology the teacher introduces to the class (like in standard 1).

5.BDNF is a nerve growth factor which acts like a fertilizer to preserve nerve cells on the parts of the brain in the hippocampus. When vigorous activity takes place, the release of many BDNF follows. Physical activity increase the gorwth of nerves in the brain. Two books named in the news report were Nature's Ritalin for the Marathon Mind by Stephen C. Putnam and The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (by John Ratey)

Part 2.

1. I think Daily Burn is an effective online tool to help out those who may be struggling with diet and exercise or are just starting out. I thought navigating throughout the website was challenging at first, but after a couple of log-ins I was able to find whatever I was looking for as well as discovering new things. I don’t use an online exercise and nutrition tracker but I have been following a series of exercises called “P90X”. With P90X I am able to track my food or follower the recipes given to me. Also, each day after each exercise I log which ones I did as well as how many reps. I think the p90X program is great but I like how Daily Burn tracks weight lose and what is the appropriate amount of food to eat according to height, weight and gender.

2.Through tracking nutrition and exercise on Daily Burn students will be able to accomplish Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B. Students could use this online tool as their own way to track their progress in their time in class. If a student is already very activie and plays a sport, I would encourage them to pick a program on Daily Burn which would be suitable in helping them succeed more in the sport they are playing in. For groups, one modification I would make would be to have the students select the same fitness program and work together as a group to motivate one another to continue to stay fit.

3.Over the course of the semester I have been using Microsoft word to plot out data collected in my statistics class. I believe this would be a useful tool to copy data compare data too. In excel, you can make any graph comparing data in quick amount of time. Also, Excel allows you to show correlations between data.
You can take a look at a sample excel data collection and graph here

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lab D

Looking back on each lab I have done has shown me just how much I have learned and grown as a teacher this past semester. Lab A, you can see just how nervous and unsure of my lessons. Doing Lab D, you can see a more confident person teaching. At the beginning of the semester, me as well as my other peers in 255, had a problem with not giving any feedback to those we were teaching. While watching my lab D video, I was able to provide feedback with almost everyone in the class which was congruent to the task I was teaching. Labs A-C it was a challenge of mine to give congruent feedback. Constantly I would tell those I was teaching "good job" or "nice!". This is not the type of feedback I would have liked to receive as a student. Being able to identify and give the proper feedback is a habit I am starting to fall into as a teacher. Each C9 form filled out for my labs shows just how far I have come with incorporating everything on the form into my lesson without thinking about it. At the beginning of the semester there were many parts in the C9 form I would leave out. Yet, after practicing and getting the experience with teaching it is becoming more second nature to incorporate everything from the form into my lesson, with it going smoothly. One of my biggest accomplishments which show in Lab D is my ability to make different challenges for the students to do for each task. Being able to provide more challenges for the students helps them focus and improve that task before moving on to the next. I have come a long way from when I first started this class. Being filmed and having so many chances to teach has greatly improved me as a teacher and has helped me grow as a person. I am thankful for having this class as well as grateful for all the help from our T.A.s and professor Yang. I know if I ever need help in the future I can come back to them for guidance.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Labs throughout the semester

Here is a video from the pictures we have taken throughout the semester:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free-Running LabC

Lab C incorporated many sports that are not always the first to be taught in physical education classes. For my classmates and I, we were put out of our comfort zones to learn and teach about sports that are not popular. The topic my group was given to teach was free-running. Free running is a form of parkour which is a sport or athletic activity in which the participant seeks to move quickly and fluidly through an area. This lesson was one of the hardest lessons for me to put together because I was very unfamiliar with what free-running was exactly. At the beginning, my group mistook free-running as just gymnastic moves. After Professor Yang helped us out, we were able to see that teaching this lesson is more than gymnastic moves but how the body moves on different surfaces.
For my tasks, I decided to teach right shoulder rolls in different types of environments. I thought my lesson went quite well. However, there is room for improvement. If I end up teaching this again, I would simplify my instructions. In my time coding sheet, instruction took up almost 50% of the lesson (with activity being less than 50). In a physical education class, the main focus shouldn't be on the teacher instructing but the students being active. Next time, I would plan out the stations better especially with managing the equipment better to decrease management time as well. I barely gave any specific feedback and it shows in my lesson because most of the kids I gave feedback to were the ones who were doing good and not the ones who may have been struggling.
I did like how in this lesson the class was in an environment other than the gymnastics room. The students were able to use equipment that are not always available to them in a gym. This seemed to keep the students interested especially when setting up the jumping station as well as the last stations. I did a good job of smiling and keeping up the enthusiasm and as a result making me feel less nervous. I'm grateful for this lab. I was able to learn a lot not just from free-running but from my classmate's lesson as well. i think to many people think p.e. is only about baseball/soccer/softball etc. and it was enjoyable to teach a sport outside the other sports.

Lesson Plan

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lab B2

This lab was probably the most fun for me. As soon as I started joking around, laughing and smiling, it made it easier and more comfortable for me to proceed with the lesson. Also, I noticed when I loosened up, it had a positive affect on my peers as well. Using the "Rodeo/Yeehaw",was a great accet to the success of my lesson. This helped everyone to loosen up and have some fun even before we got into the Fling and Irish Fling. Noticing Jen and Jenna's personal fight right away was another good aspect of my lesson. While partcipating in my peer's other lessons, when things like that happened, most of the stedents didn't know how to act or just didn't notice it at all. There is so many parts in a lesson and I don't think I have had one lesson which included all the pieces that a successful lesson should have. For example, I left out having students demonstrate as well as giving congruent feedback those participating. I keep reminding myself that this is a learning experience, and will learn from the parts I have failed at.

Time Coding
Feedback Form
Lesson Plan


Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little reflection

This lesson went a lot smoother. I was able to loosen up and smile more with my peers, and to be honest, it makes my lesson a lot more fun (isn't that what you want your profession is suppose to be anyway?). I also liked how I gave a lot more feedback to more students. It's a big improvement from last lesson. Unfortunately, I forgot many things in my lesson like a safety statment, cues, a nice hook to get everyone interested among other things. My aim for tomorrow is to combine my new found "Physical Educator" self (smiles, jokes and all) with the all the things I missed in lab B1 and make my lesson all I know it can be. Can't wait for teaching the fling and irish fling tomorrow!

Here is my feedback form and transcript. Check them out!

Lab B1---Jump Rope 360 is harder then it looks.


How cool is this?

We are doing our jump rope unit and I thought it would be neat to show what MTV's America's Best Dance Crew - Saltare can do with jump roping as well as putting it to music. I wonder if our class can do these moves haha. This really shows how much cardiovascular endurance/muscular strength as well as endurance you need when jump roping. Hope you all like it!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little feedback..


After doing the work for my second teaching video, I was able to regonize flaws in my mini-lesson. When walking around checking out how the students were doing, my back was to some students and I could constantly tell that my eyes were always focused on just one group of kids dribbling. Next to always saying "hey guys", I found in my video that I would constantly say "alright", "um" and "like". Professional attire is definately a must have for the next video we shoot because I looked worse then my peers that I was teaching. Some things I liked about this mini-lesson included doing a better job of keeping each of the students active more. Instruction time could be cut down, yet, I was able to have no wait time for the students. The whistle was very easy to hear as well as my voice from where the video was being taken. There is definately areas that need improvement but this class has helped start rolling and getting more comfortable in my own teaching shoes.

Lab A2

Here is my Time Coding Form , Feedback Sheet, and Transcript Sheet for the Lab A2.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first Lessonnn

I must admit coming into class and having to teach right off the bat was really nerve wrecking. However, I am very grateful for taping the video because as we go along in this course, I will be able to learn from mistakes and grow as a teacher.
There is much room for improvement that I have seen. Once again, i noticed that my gym voice is not as great as it could be. I need to project my voice a lot more. Another thing I noticed was how I addressed those that I was teaching. Constantly I would call them "guys" instead of "class" or "students". Getting out of this habit is something I need to work on for the future. The competition part of the lesson was a definate flop. Too many students were just standing around waiting, instead of participating in an activity. Next time I know not to use this as a form of "activity" because it really is not.
Watching this video was very informative and I'm looking forward to trying the lesson again!

First Lesson was a dooooozy

Check out my time code for my first lesson!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Critiquing My Mini Lesson!

It is always a little nerve wrecking seeing myself on video. I find that I am a harsh critic, especially when I am critiquing myself. The first thing that I realized about my lesson was how nervous I can seem to be. My body seems to be awkward and you can tell I was not prepared very well for this small lesson. Being in front a camera gives me insecurities and this is something I should overcome (especially since I will be teaching in front of many kids and not just a class of my peers). Also, my eyes are everywhere during the lesson. It was hard for me to know where to fix my eyes especially since all I had in front of me was just a camera (resulting me in looking at the floor numerous amounts of time throughout the lesson).

This week we have been working on our “gym voices” and this is definitely something I need to work on if I will be a successful physical educator. There is so much background noise that many parts of my lesson you cannot even hear. For example, when I am doing the demonstration and constantly turning my head and voice away from the camera, it is hard to hear the cues that I am trying to demonstrate. When speaking, I noticed I said “um” and “uh” a lot. That was a little embarrassing to watch because it shows me being unprepared, and was just said so I could fill up silence while I search for what to do next in the lesson.

Some good things about my mini-lesson, I thought I had pretty good posture =]. Bad posture is something I struggle with and it shows up a lot in pictures and videos. I was glad to see this was not the case in my lesson.

I would like to hear what others have to say about my mini lesson, feel free to post something about it!

Here is my lesson video on "how to throw a softball"... is it me or can you see how nervous I am while doing it?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 1 bum bum bummm

EDU 255 I can already tell will be an unforgettable experience. Being able to teach right away was a little nerve wrecking, but hey, being out of your comfort zone I believe helps you grow as a person. Things that I believe went well in my lesson include showing the cues for striking a soccer ball as well as giving each person enough tries to practice this skill. Adding in a small competition I also think helped with giving the students a little more fun (other than aimlessly shooting at the wall) through now having to beat out their fellow classmates. I however do need improvement on my teaching skills. Talking louder, being more organized with where each student should practice the skill (we don't want a repeat of each student shooting at once making it hard to keep track of where the soccer balls are going) and having more progressions in the skills I think need improvement. With these improvements, students can be more alert of being in a safe practice environment, being alert and able to hear directions from me as well as using more progressions can help student learning and motivation through seeing/hearing more cues as well as getting them to practice in a safe environment and just having fun with their classmates knowing they are understanding the skill at hand.
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