Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 1 bum bum bummm

EDU 255 I can already tell will be an unforgettable experience. Being able to teach right away was a little nerve wrecking, but hey, being out of your comfort zone I believe helps you grow as a person. Things that I believe went well in my lesson include showing the cues for striking a soccer ball as well as giving each person enough tries to practice this skill. Adding in a small competition I also think helped with giving the students a little more fun (other than aimlessly shooting at the wall) through now having to beat out their fellow classmates. I however do need improvement on my teaching skills. Talking louder, being more organized with where each student should practice the skill (we don't want a repeat of each student shooting at once making it hard to keep track of where the soccer balls are going) and having more progressions in the skills I think need improvement. With these improvements, students can be more alert of being in a safe practice environment, being alert and able to hear directions from me as well as using more progressions can help student learning and motivation through seeing/hearing more cues as well as getting them to practice in a safe environment and just having fun with their classmates knowing they are understanding the skill at hand.
lol here is my intro to my blog!