Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little reflection

This lesson went a lot smoother. I was able to loosen up and smile more with my peers, and to be honest, it makes my lesson a lot more fun (isn't that what you want your profession is suppose to be anyway?). I also liked how I gave a lot more feedback to more students. It's a big improvement from last lesson. Unfortunately, I forgot many things in my lesson like a safety statment, cues, a nice hook to get everyone interested among other things. My aim for tomorrow is to combine my new found "Physical Educator" self (smiles, jokes and all) with the all the things I missed in lab B1 and make my lesson all I know it can be. Can't wait for teaching the fling and irish fling tomorrow!

Here is my feedback form and transcript. Check them out!

Lab B1---Jump Rope 360 is harder then it looks.


How cool is this?

We are doing our jump rope unit and I thought it would be neat to show what MTV's America's Best Dance Crew - Saltare can do with jump roping as well as putting it to music. I wonder if our class can do these moves haha. This really shows how much cardiovascular endurance/muscular strength as well as endurance you need when jump roping. Hope you all like it!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little feedback..


After doing the work for my second teaching video, I was able to regonize flaws in my mini-lesson. When walking around checking out how the students were doing, my back was to some students and I could constantly tell that my eyes were always focused on just one group of kids dribbling. Next to always saying "hey guys", I found in my video that I would constantly say "alright", "um" and "like". Professional attire is definately a must have for the next video we shoot because I looked worse then my peers that I was teaching. Some things I liked about this mini-lesson included doing a better job of keeping each of the students active more. Instruction time could be cut down, yet, I was able to have no wait time for the students. The whistle was very easy to hear as well as my voice from where the video was being taken. There is definately areas that need improvement but this class has helped start rolling and getting more comfortable in my own teaching shoes.

Lab A2

Here is my Time Coding Form , Feedback Sheet, and Transcript Sheet for the Lab A2.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first Lessonnn

I must admit coming into class and having to teach right off the bat was really nerve wrecking. However, I am very grateful for taping the video because as we go along in this course, I will be able to learn from mistakes and grow as a teacher.
There is much room for improvement that I have seen. Once again, i noticed that my gym voice is not as great as it could be. I need to project my voice a lot more. Another thing I noticed was how I addressed those that I was teaching. Constantly I would call them "guys" instead of "class" or "students". Getting out of this habit is something I need to work on for the future. The competition part of the lesson was a definate flop. Too many students were just standing around waiting, instead of participating in an activity. Next time I know not to use this as a form of "activity" because it really is not.
Watching this video was very informative and I'm looking forward to trying the lesson again!

First Lesson was a dooooozy

Check out my time code for my first lesson!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Critiquing My Mini Lesson!

It is always a little nerve wrecking seeing myself on video. I find that I am a harsh critic, especially when I am critiquing myself. The first thing that I realized about my lesson was how nervous I can seem to be. My body seems to be awkward and you can tell I was not prepared very well for this small lesson. Being in front a camera gives me insecurities and this is something I should overcome (especially since I will be teaching in front of many kids and not just a class of my peers). Also, my eyes are everywhere during the lesson. It was hard for me to know where to fix my eyes especially since all I had in front of me was just a camera (resulting me in looking at the floor numerous amounts of time throughout the lesson).

This week we have been working on our “gym voices” and this is definitely something I need to work on if I will be a successful physical educator. There is so much background noise that many parts of my lesson you cannot even hear. For example, when I am doing the demonstration and constantly turning my head and voice away from the camera, it is hard to hear the cues that I am trying to demonstrate. When speaking, I noticed I said “um” and “uh” a lot. That was a little embarrassing to watch because it shows me being unprepared, and was just said so I could fill up silence while I search for what to do next in the lesson.

Some good things about my mini-lesson, I thought I had pretty good posture =]. Bad posture is something I struggle with and it shows up a lot in pictures and videos. I was glad to see this was not the case in my lesson.

I would like to hear what others have to say about my mini lesson, feel free to post something about it!

Here is my lesson video on "how to throw a softball"... is it me or can you see how nervous I am while doing it?