Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little feedback..


After doing the work for my second teaching video, I was able to regonize flaws in my mini-lesson. When walking around checking out how the students were doing, my back was to some students and I could constantly tell that my eyes were always focused on just one group of kids dribbling. Next to always saying "hey guys", I found in my video that I would constantly say "alright", "um" and "like". Professional attire is definately a must have for the next video we shoot because I looked worse then my peers that I was teaching. Some things I liked about this mini-lesson included doing a better job of keeping each of the students active more. Instruction time could be cut down, yet, I was able to have no wait time for the students. The whistle was very easy to hear as well as my voice from where the video was being taken. There is definately areas that need improvement but this class has helped start rolling and getting more comfortable in my own teaching shoes.

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  1. Christie your blog is looking great. Good job getting all your forms in there. Next time try putting the links to your forms in your actual reflection by making some words a hyperlink. I'm glad you were able to realize some of the things you can fix for the next time you teach. Keep up the good work