Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lab B2

This lab was probably the most fun for me. As soon as I started joking around, laughing and smiling, it made it easier and more comfortable for me to proceed with the lesson. Also, I noticed when I loosened up, it had a positive affect on my peers as well. Using the "Rodeo/Yeehaw",was a great accet to the success of my lesson. This helped everyone to loosen up and have some fun even before we got into the Fling and Irish Fling. Noticing Jen and Jenna's personal fight right away was another good aspect of my lesson. While partcipating in my peer's other lessons, when things like that happened, most of the stedents didn't know how to act or just didn't notice it at all. There is so many parts in a lesson and I don't think I have had one lesson which included all the pieces that a successful lesson should have. For example, I left out having students demonstrate as well as giving congruent feedback those participating. I keep reminding myself that this is a learning experience, and will learn from the parts I have failed at.

Time Coding
Feedback Form
Lesson Plan


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