Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Part 2A and B

Dear Superintendent of My Dream School,

I am writing to you in regards to my proposition of beginning a golf unit in our physical education curriculum. A great deal of time, thought and research has gone into planning out the unit. I believe, as well as the rest of the physical education staff, that golf will be one of the most beneficial activities the students will participate in for the upcoming year.

Golf uses skills that enhance student’s cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning. Throughout the unit, students will be able to learn and apply strategies of golf inside and outside the classroom. Students will also be able to make connections to other subjects, such as angles in math while performing different strokes or putting on a green. This sport is not just a one-person activity, but can be done with partners or ever groups of 3 or more. I believe this encouragement of socialization will help better students, creating new friendships.

During this unit, students will be tracking their heart-rate and steps through the use of heart rate monitors and pedometers already owned by the school. This data will help the PE staff to track and record the physical activity the students participate in during class.

Equipment for the unit can be very pricey. I have found solutions to this matter however. I have put together a variety of fundraisers and have carefully budgeted the rest of the PE department’s money to help off-sett the cost of the golf clubs and golf balls. Also, I have researched a new video game known as Wii Golf. This is a game, which can be used by the students in the gym as well as in their own homes. Introducing this video game would help increase the curiosity and the motivation the students will have for participating more in the unit. This Wii console can also be used in other fitness games, which the company has come out with that can be used in our program as well.

I hope after much consideration you will allow a unit in golf to join our program here. Its physical, mental and social components can greatly improve the student’s overall performance in the gym, classroom and outside of school.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Christie Wright

Physical Education Department

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