Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lab D

Looking back on each lab I have done has shown me just how much I have learned and grown as a teacher this past semester. Lab A, you can see just how nervous and unsure of my lessons. Doing Lab D, you can see a more confident person teaching. At the beginning of the semester, me as well as my other peers in 255, had a problem with not giving any feedback to those we were teaching. While watching my lab D video, I was able to provide feedback with almost everyone in the class which was congruent to the task I was teaching. Labs A-C it was a challenge of mine to give congruent feedback. Constantly I would tell those I was teaching "good job" or "nice!". This is not the type of feedback I would have liked to receive as a student. Being able to identify and give the proper feedback is a habit I am starting to fall into as a teacher. Each C9 form filled out for my labs shows just how far I have come with incorporating everything on the form into my lesson without thinking about it. At the beginning of the semester there were many parts in the C9 form I would leave out. Yet, after practicing and getting the experience with teaching it is becoming more second nature to incorporate everything from the form into my lesson, with it going smoothly. One of my biggest accomplishments which show in Lab D is my ability to make different challenges for the students to do for each task. Being able to provide more challenges for the students helps them focus and improve that task before moving on to the next. I have come a long way from when I first started this class. Being filmed and having so many chances to teach has greatly improved me as a teacher and has helped me grow as a person. I am thankful for having this class as well as grateful for all the help from our T.A.s and professor Yang. I know if I ever need help in the future I can come back to them for guidance.

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